Official Launch of Takoradi Hive

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Official Launch of Takoradi Hive

Official Launch of Takoradi Hive

The official launch of Takoradi Hive was on the 15th of February 2020. The event was very brief but thorough and revealing.

At exactly 9 am, the event began with a prayer by Elder Christopher Ardu (Pentecost church, Sawmill)

The CEO, Mr Erasmus Ackon told the story of how Takoradi Hive came to being. He started with his interest in IT and how it pushed him to make the Takoradi Hive dream a reality. The GM, Bright Bruce-Acquaye, through a comprehensive presentation, described what Takoradi Hive is and what services it provides. He explained the packages available for coworking and event spaces including consulting, training and software development services.

He also spoke about the projects that Takoradi Hive is working on, which includes StartUp Takoradi – a series of meetups and discussions centred around organizing and development of the Takoradi entrepreneurship ecosystem; Takoradi Hive Incubator – to train and develop 100 startups in Takoradi by 2030; Ewuraba – launched recently at the just-ended International Day of Women and Girls forum organized at Takoradi Hive, is aimed at bridging the gender gap in the STEM industry focusing on young girls and women; and IT4Teens – to impact ICT knowledge to children from 8 – 18 years for free. He also hinted IT4Teens as a previous benefactor of the Tigo Reach for Change Initiative. He mentioned these as the 4 major projects Takoradi Hive is focusing on with more to come later.

Through our projects, Takoradi Hive seeks to achieve its mission to connect and support young and active entrepreneurs and changemakers in the city to make a positive social impact.

After the presentation by the GM, the guests were led through the hub for a quick though of all the hub’s facilities and immediate plans. This was followed by an open forum where the guests shared ideas on how Takoradi Hive, together with some companies can help grow the city. They also went on to suggest how the projects by Takoradi Hive can help people in Takoradi get a deeper knowledge of IT. Mr Ralph Menz of Naa Sika Susu – a micro-savings platform that assists to save small amounts of money for future use – made several suggestions and went on to offer his support to Takoradi Hive whenever he is available.

With a running time of an hour and 45 minutes, the event ended with a prayer by Pastor Mike of YFM Takoradi.

Community for young entrepreneurs and artists to connect, collaborate and scale their business and projects, by providing them with a creative co-working and event space and training.


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